Odeon supporters have been putting pens to paper to try and save the building, but they have also been known to get out and make an exhibition of themselves as well.

Next event: Get Well Soon Victoria – 7/4/12

Previous events

  • EYES ON THE ODEON – 24  / 3  / 12
    Our Odeon was covered up before the opening of the new £30million City Park metres from the Odeon. This was in the same week as one of the partners and also the architect of the Odeon’s proposed replacement went bust.
  • HOW CLEAN IS YOUR ODEON? – 28 / 11 / 09
    After owners Yorkshire Forward refused to respond to councillors and others calling them out on their promises to clean up the Odeon before they knock her down, Bradford people took matters into their own hands, with their own time, money and elbow grease.

    While the official Christmas lights switch-on was happening in Centenary Square, Bradford people took the time to show a bit of love for the Odeon and decorate her with cards, tinsel and spray snow.
    The event that kicked off this current wave of protests. Shortly after the decision meeting that decided the fate of the Odeon, hundreds of Bradfordians took to the streets in fancy dress, with chalk, and a lot to say.

One response to “PROTEST EVENTS

  1. Debbie Griffin

    I have recently visited the odeon and thought what a artistic original classie, building . I have seen pictures of how its changed inside throughtout the years and how they can restore this building and original designs . I think by bringing back the personality of this building will maybe give a new generation , ambition and goals to acheive, new artists within music and theatre , It would also bring entertainment such as shows like got to dance , britians got talent .This building would attract big stars and up coming stars .

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