Eyes on the Odeon – 24 / 3 / 12

The City Park is opening on Saturday 24th March (this Saturday) and we have learnt that a few people are planning to sit with their backs to City Park during the grand finale,  facing the Odeon instead. We don’t know how many people are planning to do this but if you would like to join them the finale performance at City Park begins at 6.20pm. Suggest you bring popcorn and 3D glasses if you have them. Remember to always protest creatively, but peacefully – the Bradford way.

Things you might wish to bring:

A small but powerful torch, and one of those very cheap hi-vis vests (you can get these in cycling shops, some DIY shops etc)

Wear something you don’t mind putting a large ‘Save Our Odeon’ sticker on the back of (we will have them for you), so no leather jackets as the sticker might ruin it

What to do (whether you have the above items or not):

1. Stand amongst the crowds until 6.20pm when the finale performance starts.

2. When the finale performance starts, everyone try to move at the same time towards the side of Centenary Square nearest to the Odeon and sit or stand facing her. We may need to be on the pavement, it will become clearer at the time, as long as we are all together. Someone will come and ask you if you would like a sticker on your back.

3. Stay there facing the Odeon, having a laugh, having a chat, whatever you like, until it starts to get dark. When it starts to get dark, shine your torches at the Odeon if you have them. If it works it will be like a silly Fox Searchlight satire. If you don’t bring a torch, wear 3D glasses, eat popcorn, do nothing, whatever you feel like (as long as you don’t do anything naughty). The finale performance finishes at 7.30.

Even if the torches don’t show up, the people facing the Odeon with stickers on their backs will, which will make good pictures.

Please tell your friends.

No misbehaviour, no attitude with police or stewards. Bradford is a peaceful, creative place where we do not need to physically kick off to make our point, we can do it artistically and with humour, like the time we did this.

Please note, this is not ‘our’ event. As far as we are aware it began as a small, word-of-mouth protest, which then appeared on Twitter, and seems to have caught people’s imaginations. We are happy to spread the word as it sounds fun and peaceful.


One response to “Eyes on the Odeon – 24 / 3 / 12

  1. If anyone wants a poster to download and print here you go!

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