Get Well Soon, Victoria

Saturday 7 / 4 / 12 –  Midday

We hope that our Council and the Homes and Communities Agency will free our Victoria so that she can get well, and be made fighting fit by a new developer.

Please meet at 12 sharp at City Park. Bring flowers and Get Well Soon cards with your messages to Victoria.

At 12.10 we go over to the Odeon and present them to her, and take some photos (as I’m sure our tokens will be removed pretty soon).

She’s undergoing a routine operation right now but she would still appreciate knowing how many people in Bradford love her.

Please share this event with your friends, and don’t forget to link them to in case they don’t know her story.

Facebook event for this protest


One response to “Get Well Soon, Victoria

  1. I will cirtainly be attending , let the “powers that be ” know how the people of bradford feel at the thought of losing another iconic and historic building and another Crater appearing in our town.

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