Eyes on the Odeon – 24/3/12

Our Odeon was covered up before the opening of the new £30million City Park metres away. The City Park event was on all day and the protest involved turning our backs on the finale performance, to face the Odeon.

At 6:40pm suddenly everything changed. The nicest, most friendly and good humoured people you could hope to meet gathered opposite the odeon. Instant bonding. Popcorn, 3D glasses and Save the Odeon stickers were shared. Projections and lights illuminated the Odeon. Lots of support with horns from the passing motorists. Brilliant! Well done everyone!
Steve Waddicor

It brought me to tears when the odeon started ‘watching’ the fireworks. As an usherette at the alhambra for eleven years, I have watched the slow decay of a wonderful building and it pains me to see it. Let’s hope that people start listening! Looking forward to the next event
Deborah Montgomery 

I came away from last night’s protest feeling pretty chipper. It’s the first time in my Forty-*cough* years I’ve ever felt strongly enough about something to get off my lardy-arse and make a stand about it in public. As people left the main event, my buddy Bill and I stood at the corner of the Odeon so that people were close enough to be able to not only see us, but interact with us as they passed by on their way home. We got a LOT of support – many comments of “keep up the good work” and so on – and quite a few enquiries of how to help support the cause. I wish we’d had more Odeon Observers to hand out! Those comments were from a wide mix of people – the ‘merry’ girls who insisted on having photos taken with us, a lot of Asian lads, a VERY middle-class couple with well-dressed kids…. We’ve really raised the profile of the cause. What’s next?
John Kennard 

Until today I’ve never been involved with anything like this in my life. I’d just like to say what a pleasure today has been, had some funny conversations, with people of all ages, race and religions, met some good people, 90% of who give a really positive response to the Odeon being saved. People actually made an effort to get hold of a copy of the Odeon Observer. Nearly all actually read it as they walked away. Proud to be part of this, Bradford was buzzing tonight. About bloody time too!
Simon Pickles

I noticed today a lot of young people supporting the cause, actually asking questions and understanding what the Odeon was about. I was approached by people today actually asking about the Odeon with genuine interest, of the views today 100% wanted to save it.


Next event: Get Well Soon Victoria – 7/4/12


3 responses to “Eyes on the Odeon – 24/3/12

  1. I also have watched the slow decline of old Odeon from my 19 years working at the Alhambra Theatre. I also frequented her when I was younger and had the honour of choosing a poster from the poster room, thanks to my friend’s parents (Back to the Future!).
    One of the most iconic land marks in the City MUST be given a new lease of life and I felt very proud and dare I say optimistic (!) during the Eyes on the Odeon event. I’ll even try to bring choc iced as well as popcorn next time. PLEASE keep up your fantastic work.

  2. akismet-1c692adc1b15601adf9d6b2e1a551ef0

    It was a wonderful moment of solidarity from the people of Bradford that certainly moved me more than any firework display. I was proud to be there, with my 3 kids, supporting our heritage. As already stated, people from all walks of life came together and a lovely way and became friends and fellow comrades! I shall be at the next one and will continue to do what i can to try save this iconic landmark….and all its beautiful memories for the people of Bradford… Peas!

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