1. heather Pilkington

    Congratulations to the artist . Its really good and what a pity it couldn’t be left there a little longer. Great news that other stars are signing “keep the Odeon”

  2. People will be wrong if they think saving the Odeon is the be all and end all, it is not. The way the Odeon issue has been dealt with by the authorities represents an attack on democracy, which is far more important. The Odeon to me is now a symbol of failing democracy in Bradford. In addition, may I ask Dennis Delaney (T&A 29th April) just how many Bradfordiens signed a petition to demolish the Odeon? It seems to me that he was suggesting that the 475,000 none voters are supporters of demolition when we could just as easily assume that they are supporters of its retention.

  3. I think you should keep the the odeon and fix it and it will be back in business please dont drop the building and please fix it and open again i wish it could open again… Please

  4. As a recent resident of Bradford (moved here in 2004) I have seen first hand what can be done with other old Odeon’s around the country – I used to live in Peterborough, and the old Odeon there was turned back into a live events venue (bands, comedians, etc) – why dont they do the same thing with the one here – it would generate not only much needed revenue for the city – but also much needed jobs – not only for the construction industry to do the work, but also for the hospitality industry once it is up and running. It would create a venue that Bradfordians could be proud of once again.

  5. I have been associated with the building industry and Structural Engineers for most of my working life (I am 61 next) and for anybody to state that the ODEON in Bradford is unsafe (towers excluded) and must be demolished, is talking absolute rubbish. I worked on the project on the opposite corner in 1999 (Contracts Manager) and had plenty of opportunity to look at/over the ODEON from quite a few vantage points. It is without doubt a landmark of immense proportions, equalling the ALHAMBRA in its day and to demolish such a wonderful building would be tantamount to sacrilege! Please do something to keep this beautiful piece of artstic expression alive and slap bang inthe public eye. There is talk of turning it into a music venue, this is an excellent idea and would certainly compliment its next door neighbour!!

  6. Keep the Odeon…. Why should it be demolished?
    It is the history of our city, it should be cleaned up and be put to good use.

    I definatley dont want it to end up like the other discrace that was supposed to be developed…

    Come on guys keep the support up!!!!

  7. Bradford’s history of architectural neglect and demolition is shameful.The modern era has provided us with the media tools to tell the “powers” that be that we dont want a conference centre,hotel etc.We want a living ,vibrant ODEON !
    So tell these people!
    this is our city!
    this is our history!


  8. doreen carnall

    hey come on bradfordians please save this very majestic building . and as im a bradfordian and very proud to be one. this is one of the heart of bradfords majestic buildings are we going to let them raise it to the ground.this is our heritage and our childrens and grandchildrens and great grandchildren so come on bradfordians lets start to raise cain so we can keep this magnificent building

  9. I was just wondering if anyone has actually managed to get inside and done any photography, I would be very interested in doing some if its at all possible……???

  10. It makes me very sad when you look around beautiful cities, such as York and Cheshire and know that many of Bradford’s beautiful old building are long gone.
    Many people talk about how Bradford used to be, and say it was a nice place to shop and visit.
    The centre of Bradford now, is an absolute disgrace and embarrassment to the people of Bradford.
    Save the Odeon and restore it to all it’s glory, a beautiful building that is so in keeping with the Alhambra should be turned into a music venue or a shopping complex maybe, do anything but demolish it and build another monsterous concrete un-occupied/un-wanted office block .


    SAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SAVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Can I show you this:

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